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Everyone loves soup and stews, and this collection of our favorite soup and stew recipes will provide warm, comfort meals without the hassle!

From classics like chicken noodle soup and tomato soup, to fun twists like loaded baked potato soup, there is something for everyone here!

We love creating easy soup recipes at home, and everything is here! We love quick classics like broccoli cheese soup, but also simmering easy slow cooker soup recipes all day to come home to.

We also love batch cooking soup recipes and freezing them for simple freezer meals that just need to be heated on the stove!

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How To Thicken Soup

Depending on your recipe, soup should be thickened slightly. If you're working with a potato soup or soup containing starches, adding some potatoes will do the trick if it needs it.

The classic soup thickener is a slurry - a mixture of cornstarch and water. If you're working with a large soup that needs to be thickened, make sure to taste it so you don't add too much cornstarch.

Another popular option is to use a slurry created with flour and water - this can give you a little bit more of a starchy flavor. Browning the flour first will transform the flavor from starchy to nutty.

How To Freeze Soup

Once the soup or stew is completely cooled, I like to fill freezer bags with portions of soup. Don't forget to label and date the bags.

When defrosting, just use a stovetop set to medium/low heat until the soup is heated through!