Dips and Dressings

From pasta salad to party appetizers, dips and dressings can make or break just about any meal. This is my favorite collection of dippable sauces, dippers, dressings, and more!

I find homemade dips and dressings to be so much more flavorful than store bought, especially when it comes to creamy dressings like caesar salad dressing or creamy poppyseed dressing. They really dress a salad up!

If you’re hosting a potluck or party, putting out some dips and dippers doesn’t have to be boring. Veggies and spicy dill dip go great together, and pico de gallo is the tortilla chip’s best friend!

Cheese balls are also a great party food, everyone loves them along with some crackers! This bacon jalapeno cheese ball is one of my favorites. I also love this spinach artichoke dip one, perfect to go alongside a charcuterie board!

All Dips and Dressings

Hot dips never disappoint, so you will find some of our most popular ones here. I love this reuben dip, a fun twist on a classic reuben sandwich. Crab rangoon dip and buffalo chicken dip are among our most popular dips too, they’re always the first thing gone at a party!

We even have sweet dips here, if you’re looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Pumpkin pie dip and caramel apple dip are so delicious served with a fruit plate or even graham crackers!