Pasta and Pizza Recipes

These quick and easy pasta recipes are a delicious way to enjoy dinner. From quick and easy roasted tomato pasta to skinny alfredo pasta and even pasta bakes, you’ll find what you’re looking for here!

Pasta (and pizza) are such a great idea for dinner, and the options are endless. We love how quick it is to enjoy any pasta – from spaghetti to bowtie, tortellini, lasagna, or ravioli!

All Pasta and Pizza Recipes

How To Cook Pasta Al Dente

I'm sure you've heard of many tricks to cooking pasta al dente - my mom used to throw a piece of pasta at the cupboard to see if it sticks.

To cook perfect al dente pasta, follow the box for cooking directions and pull it out a minute before the cooking time is complete.

Reheating Pasta

The easiest way to reheat leftover pasta is with a little water or milk (depending on the sauce) and a microwave. Stovetop and oven work as well, just remember to account for any liquids that will be absorbed by the starches in pasta.