Dessert is everyone’s favorite part of a meal! These sweet and easy dessert recipes are sure to bring you back for seconds… or thirds! From classic apple crisp to fusion dishes like apple cheesecake pie, there is something for everyone here.

I love baking but it is often super hard to find the time to do it. I never quite have the time to bake, between work, and school, and dinners, and more. I love creating these easy dessert recipes, like one minute chocolate mousse and mini chocolate icebox cakes. They take almost no time, and still satisfy your sweet tooth!

If you need Thanksgiving desserts or Christmas desserts, we have those too. Easy bread pudding, homemade peppermint bark, and praline pumpkin pie are all super popular around the holiday season!

All Desserts

Healthy desserts are not out of the question either. If you are health conscious, you can still satisfy your cravings here. Try out some pumpkin zucchini bread, vanilla pudding fruit salad, or no bake peanut butter cornflake cookies!

Apples are one of my favorite fruits, and make for some great classic apple desserts. From apple pie bites to apple cheese danish bars, these are some truly American desserts!


What To Make For Dessert

One of the world’s hardest questions right there. It really depends who you’re entertaining and what the occasion is! If you just need an easy dessert recipe, stick to something with few ingredients that doesn’t take too much time. If you are able to premake the dish, even better!

If you’re hoping to impress, something a little more intricate can do just that. Choose something like no bake pumpkin pie cheesecake that has multiple components. Just make sure that these components tie into your main dish in some way. Don’t pair a heavy dessert with a heavy meal!