Most home cooks reach for the ground beef in their recipes, but think about turkey next time you want a healthy, low-fat protein replacement!

There are dozens of recipes for leftover turkey, and pound for pound, turkey recipes are less expensive than beef or chicken! Check out these easy ideas for adding more turkey into your recipe rotation!

We have the tools, tricks, and tips to roast a whole turkey, too! Stuffed or with the dressing on the side, our recipe takes all the stress out of roasting and presenting the perfect bird!

All Turkey

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Enjoy those leftovers and use up every last delectable bite of that bird with these recipes!

  • Turkey Meatballs are great to make and freeze ahead these for months of entrée inspiration!
  • Turkey Pot Pie is the cold-weather casserole solution and so easy to make ahead! Just cook in the oven while you make a bright and tangy tossed salad.
  • Put that slow cooker to use and cook up this cajun bean turkey soup with some dinner rolls for soaking up all that delicious brine and broth!

Check out our round-up of leftover turkey recipes or more inspiration!