This collection of sandwich recipes has everything from burgers to wraps, and classic sandwiches!

From reubens to classic club sandwiches, grilled cheese and chicken burgers, if it’s between bread, you’ll find it here!

We have sandwich night a least once a week around here, it’s an easy dinner option and leftovers work perfectly for lunch the next day!

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Tips For Making The Perfect Sandwich

To make mouth watering sandwiches every time:

  • Bread: choose a nice, fresh loaf of bread. We love using sourdough for bread, but make sure the bread flavor doesn't overpower the ingredients.
  • Condiments: choose condiments that will add flavor to the sandwich and help keep it moist. Mayo is always a great option.
  • Protein: depending on the recipe, you'll find a recipe that has just about every protein in it - from steak to chicken, turkey and ham.
  • Cheese and veggies - tomato, lettuce, onions, cucumbers, and peppers always work on sandwiches. We love using mozzarella and cheddar on sandwiches, but havarti is a great cheese too!